Player-Centric Lobby
ZingBrain AI provides multiple recommendation sections with different logic to fully personalise a lobby according to the player’s tastes. To keep pace with the competition, casino and sportsbook main pages should operate like Spotify, Netflix and YouTube.
Turnover and Bets uplift:
In comparison with manual or rule-based curated sections
What's inside
  • Knowledge base with 30k+ games, tagged by 100+ features/mechanics
  • Collaborative filtering and post-processing techniques
  • Real-time adaptation based on player actions
  • Boost or lower casino games and providers according to the operator’s commercials
Profit Boost
Relevant game recommendations at the right time and place create long-term impact, trigger player discovery, and expand their gaming portfolio, thereby boosting key metrics and brand loyalty, while extending gaming sessions.
GGR uplift:
Across the brand
Recommendation-Driven Growth
Over time, players become accustomed to our recommendations and start using them more actively. After 6 months, up to 50% of all game openings in the casino occur through our main recommendation section.
Retention Through Loyalty
Personalization binds players to the casino, diminishing the likelihood of them switching to another casino that doesn't adapt to their preferences. This approach effectively reduces Churn while enhancing both Retention and LTV.
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